gaming now and than

Gaming: Now and Then

Currently, we live in a golden age for the world of video games. Much of its success is due to the evolution of its graphics over time, which began being as primitive as those of Pacman or Tetris and have ended up with remarkable realism. However, its evolution has not been rapid, but progressive.  If you want to know about gaming then and now, then read on! Before we doesn’t have any radiator fans cooler with best 140mm radiator fans but now we have.

If we look at the characters of Metal Gear Solid 2 (2001) and compare them with those of previous games, we will see that their movements are more fluid and natural, even if their drawing is not realistic. Nearly ten years later, Red Dead Redemption would show us wonderful landscapes, but it would not be until we reach games like Uncharted 4 (2016) where it would be difficult to distinguish the fictional from the real.

gaming now and than

Another relevant improvement that the world of video games has had to do with virtual reality. In recent years, the technology responsible for giving us a new dimension has improved day by day, to surprise us with different accessories such as virtual reality glasses. The Oculus Rift is some of the best known, with video games like Budget Cuts, in which we infiltrate using portals, or Job Simulator, an office worker simulator.

The advances of the graphics do not stop here, because using 3D meshes, video games like LA Noire have dared with an incredible improvement in facial expressions. This resource is especially attractive for future games online casino, since, if we are faced in a game of cards, the expressions can be very useful. Observing the face of our opponent is always a good strategy to see what cards he hides, although some are so expert at hiding their emotions that it is difficult to deduce them.

However, if we have the opportunity to see the faces of our rivals with the maximum detail, there is more chance of knocking down his poker face. Therefore, if this innovative technology is finally installed, we will have to practice our expressions thoroughly to avoid being exposed.
The truth is that the future of games can be even more realistic than we imagine. Now, using virtual reality glasses, we can move to the casino we want without moving from home. Soon, if they have any improvement that allows them to transmit facial expressions, we will feel as if the scenario were real and we had people in front of us.

The future looks bright for gaming as well. If you thought that modern games were immersive, then wait till you see what the next few years have got to offer. There are video games that allow you to fully immerse yourself in their settings such as those that utilize virtual reality. And the improved artificial intelligence in games also makes you feel like there is another deeper to these video games.

So there you have it, this has been a retrospective about video games then and now. As a parting sentiment, you should definitely look forward to more developments in the video game industry.

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